Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Email 2...

"Aslkm,How are you and all family members.Hope all fine and success.We all here fine.How about a new lap top,I'am heard your father bought new lap top.We all, hopeful mimie will get a good result on SPM and always invocation for this matter.Using lap top for better way,always send email to us and utilize for right thing.Send regard for all family members there from we all in Selangor(Family members).Wslm.."

tdi ble aq bkak email yahoo ader 34 email yg aq lum bce g..
waa..bnyk 2..tpi email dri uncle aq nie yg amat mnarik minatku...huhuhuhu..
uncle aq nie..
tringat uncle aq kat sna xsbr asenye tggu klahiran baby bru..
insyaallah pas spm t aq yg akan menjadi baby sister disna..hahahaha..

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