Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Raya lmbt lgi tpi ap aq kesah???hehehe

Story Ary nie nk cte tentang Raya..hehee..wlaupun lmbt lagi tpi kan slalu prepare awal2..cm nk kwin jgk..kne prepare dari A smpai Z awal2 kan...Thun nie xkire ap jadi nk tema color oren gak..ary 2 da kol auntie gtau thun nie tema raya color oren..so nk xnk aq da pilih dlu so ikut je larh..hehehe..auntie ku tersyang pown da faham sgt krenah ank buah ksygn dye nie so the answer is OK!!hehehe..n xlupa jgk untuk en azam..thun nie raya awk pun pkai bju mlayu oren jgk yer..En azam da promise nk bli bju 2 sama2 an..so t maknanya en azam akan datang perak lagi..hehehehe.. lma sgt da xjumpa..pas nie abis matrik,keje part time kat KLIA n en azam kne la datang sana plak..hehehehe.Bmilo pown da rndu kat dady dye..cm mumy dye gak... So WAJIB datang..xder alasan yer..hehehehe

*da bosan mrapu.. end.. hehehe *

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The history of the baby frog....... Once upon a time there was a bunch of baby frogs.... … participating in a competition. The target was to get to the top of a high tower. A crowd of people had gathered to observe the race and encourage the participants..... The start shot rang out....... Quite honestly: None of the onlookers believed that the baby frogs could actually accomplish getting to the top of the tower. Words like: "Åh, it’s too difficult!!! They’ll never reach the top." or: "Not a chance... the tower is too high!" One by one some of the baby frogs fell off… ...Except those who fastly climbed higher and higher.. The crowd kept on yelling: "It’s too difficult. Nobody is going to make it!" More baby frogs became tired and gave up... ...But one kept going higher and higher..... He was not about giving up! At the end everybody had given up, except the one determined to reach the top! All the other participants naturally wanted to know how he had managed to do what none of the others had been able to do! One competitor asked the winner, what was his secret? The truth was....... The winner was deaf!!!! The lesson to be learned: Don’t ever listen to people who are negative and pessimistic... …they will deprive you of your loveliest dreams and wishes you carry in your heart! Always be aware of the power of words, as everything you hear and read will interfere with your actions! Therefore: Always stay… POSITIVE! And most of all: Turn a deaf ear when people tell you, that you cannot achieve your dreams! Always believe: You can make it! Send this to the people that you care about. It will give them courage and motivation!!!

actually nie tugas yg kne present tok kelas BI sok.. hopefully Best.. =)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Candid by new camera.. =)

Cik Bunga raya

Cik Buah apatah..hehehe

My beloved house

My Cutie Comie..

sweet Honey..

ABC...hehehe..xder keje tibe2 start ngan benda alah 2..actually sja je xtau nk mule ngan ap..hehehe..bru2 nie dapat kamera baru..so candid2 je la..gmbr2 kat atas nie sbnrnye bnda2 yg aq syg n aq ske...hehehe..hmmm..tukar tjuk len la..bosan..hmmm..aq da balik matrik..bosan la..nk kne stdy..pspm da dekat...ladtop pown da xbwak..sbb first tkt an hilang..kne curi..second sebab t xstdy..asyik bukak fb je..haa...one more thing that i want to share wif u is i have my new homepage of blog..so cute right???like me..hahaha..pnt tau aq edit benda alah nie..seharian taw nk touch up blik..huhuhuhu..by the way,smakin ary smakin bz..en azam aq pown skang sedang blaja memahami wife dye nie bz..hehehehe..cian en azam..tpi xpe kan..cakap sayang..hahahaha..saya sayang awak jgk en.azam..hehehe..

End for today..hehehe

Friday, March 11, 2011

Comel + hebat = Kami

entry kali special skit coz sblm nie entry aq tntg kat matrik perlis kan..tpi ary nie..entry aq tntg matrik perak lak..wuwuwu..matrik still same tapi situasi jer berbeza..matrik perak nie besar skit kowt.n aq akui seriously CANTIK!!..mewah la bg aq..everything is modern...but the harmony,the love of student,still the win is KMP..kat kmp 1 kuliah 2 ibarat adik bradik yg sgt3 rapat tpi kat perak..its very different..by the way x kesah la..kwan2 aq kat snie still Hot..hehehe..sgt sempoi n i like it!! study not too good..why?? because i be very lazy to stdy..I know that is not good for me n also for my future..i already need to change my attitude...insyaallah everything will be ok right.. =)
My parents also give me support to be the best in my study..insyaallah mom,dad..i will be the best..my future is for u..i promise that i will not disapointed u.. =)