Friday, March 11, 2011

Comel + hebat = Kami

entry kali special skit coz sblm nie entry aq tntg kat matrik perlis kan..tpi ary nie..entry aq tntg matrik perak lak..wuwuwu..matrik still same tapi situasi jer berbeza..matrik perak nie besar skit kowt.n aq akui seriously CANTIK!!..mewah la bg aq..everything is modern...but the harmony,the love of student,still the win is KMP..kat kmp 1 kuliah 2 ibarat adik bradik yg sgt3 rapat tpi kat perak..its very different..by the way x kesah la..kwan2 aq kat snie still Hot..hehehe..sgt sempoi n i like it!! study not too good..why?? because i be very lazy to stdy..I know that is not good for me n also for my future..i already need to change my attitude...insyaallah everything will be ok right.. =)
My parents also give me support to be the best in my study..insyaallah mom,dad..i will be the best..my future is for u..i promise that i will not disapointed u.. =)

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